Main(e) Fare

All items with lobster are priced per market

Chef Bob’s Lobster Rolls

Freshly made Lobster Salad or Lobster Meat stuffed into a Butter-griddled New England style Bun. 



Made with our freshly made Lobster Salad

Made from the equivalent of one 1-1/4 lb Lobster!


Like the Traditional, but with 25% more Lobster


Made with Lobster meat drizzled with drawn butter


Like the Connecticut, but with 25% more Lobster

Feel free to "Gronk" size any Lobster Roll for just $3.53 more.


Our Creamy Cheese Sauce mixed with Cavatappi Pasta and Lobster, topped with our home-made Ritz & Butter Crumbs

Add Bacon for $1

LOBSTER "JOINTS"    (Mkt Price) 

3 "Big Fatties" (tortillas) stuffed with Chef Bob's Lobster Salad, Made with Organic Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas. Served over our fresh Boston Slaw and your choice of dipping sauce. 

Lobster Quesadilla   (Mkt Price)

Lobster Meat and melted Jack Cheese in a crisp Flour Tortilla

Served with a side of Avocado Ranch or Sriracha Creme. GF

(Can be made Gluten Friendly with Corn Tortillas)

Add Bacon for $1

Lobster Wrap   (Mkt Price)

Our freshly made Lobster Salad, Avocado Ranch, Lettuce, and our Boston Slaw rolled in a 12" Racquelitas Flour Tortilla.

Lobster Grilled Cheese (Mkt Price)

Lobster Meat and 5 Cheeses melted between butter griddled Texas toast.

Lobster Taco  (Mkt Price)

Lobster Meat, Boston Slaw & Shredded Jack Cheese topped with Avocado Ranch and Sriracha Creme. Choice of Raquelitas Organic Whole Wheat or Corn Tortillas (GF)

(Can be made Gluten Friendly with Corn Tortillas)

Warning: Shells and other objects naturally found in shellfish may find their way into your food. Please use caution.



Note: * While we cannot guarantee that our Gluten Friendly items are 100% Gluten Free due to the fact that all ingredients are kept in the same kitchen, we do, however, keep our Corn Tortillas isolated and wrapped to reduce the possibility of cross contamination. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to Chef Bob directly and he will be glad to walk you through our process and recipes personally.



About My Menu and Ingredients...

I only use lobster caught from the North Atlantic, from New England to Canada. Some may be from Maine while some may be from Nova Scotia or other waters. This is the best and ONLY lobster I will use in my recipes.  My recipe for the lobster roll and other lobster items is an authentic Boston area inspired recipe using the best possible ingredients and made fresh throughout the day. I don't make large batches. I want everything to be fresh! You deserve it!

The tortillas are locally made by Raquelitas Tortillas and in my opinion are the best tortillas available!

I hope you enjoy your meal today. It's my pleasure and privilege to serve you the very best possible products available.

By the way, in case you're wondering...yes, I still "Pahk my cah"!

New England Clam Chowder

Our wicked delicious Clam Chowder 

is made fresh and we only 

make small batches. Get to the truck 

early if you want some because once

we're out, we're out.    Bowl $7.50 

(Contains bacon)

Non-Lobster Items

(*These do not contain seafood)


Add Bacon for $1



 Add Bacon for $1

(Can be made Gluten Friendly 

with Corn Tortillas)


Add Bacon for $1

Soft Drinks/Soda   $2


Bottled Water  $1.50

(No, the water is NOT from Cape Cod Bay!)

*Allergen Alert

As much as we try to isolate them,

we cannot guarantee that these

"Non-Seafood Items" did

not come in contact with seafood

during preparation.