Who is Chef Bob and what's this thing about a Lobstah Trap?

Chef Bob is a real person. You can probably meet him at the food truck if you don't believe us. He was born and raised in Watertown, MA, just outside of Boston and started his professional Chef journey over 40 years ago, right around when the TV remote was invented :-O.! If you get the chance to speak with him be forewarned he has one of those funny Boston accents. Yes, he says things like "Pahk the cah" and he will tell you he's seen the Celtics and Bruins play at the old "Bwoston Gahden". Seriously! That's really how he talks!

Chef Bob has a culinary degree from Johnson & Wales and is one of only a handful of people to be awarded "American Culinary Federation Chapter  Chef of the Year" twice, and was also awarded "Maitre du Gout" (Master of Taste) in 2007 by the National Chefs in America Awards Foundation.  In 1996 the US Culinary Olympic team asked him to be the team Chef to cook for them while they competed for Gold Medals in Berlin (not a bad gig). He is also a founding member of the Research Chefs Association. Chef Bob has worked in restaurants, clubs, cruise ships and hotels across the U.S. and was also the Corporate Executive Chef/Director or R&D for numerous national and regional restaurant chains, c-stores and manufacturers. Many of his creations are still in grocery stores and restaurants today!   He has also traveled to almost 40 countries learning about cultures and cuisines along the way and continues to learn about flavors and what makes food taste great!

"Chef Bob's Lobstah Trap" is his way of bringing you some authentic New England fare from back home. His recipes  are all developed by him personally and his goal is to bring you the highest quality food possible. Every part of his menu and ingredients have been carefully selected and evaluated to pass his strict standards. Recipes are home made or hand made in the food truck when possible to ensure freshness. He ONLY uses lobster from the waters off New England or Canada because he says "The colder the water, the sweeter the meat." He uses real butter when griddling your lobster roll buns and other items and makes his own slaw and condiments so they don't overpower the delicate flavor of the lobster meat. 

Feel free to contact us about catering or private "pahties" (parties).

Bon Appetit!

Jeremiah 29:1-13